Our New “iPad Integration Program” has Launched

Apr 1, 2011

Launches New ‘iPad Integration Program’

San Diego’s leading public affairs agency has launched a new service to help clients maximize potential using high tech communications devices. The “iPad Integration Program” offered by Southwest Strategies, LLC, walks clients through the steps of setting up iPads within a team of employees to enhance communications and facilitate management efforts throughout the implementation of projects both big and small.


“A number of clients have approached us asking for help using cutting edge devices ranging from iPads to smartphones to help advance their public affairs and communications needs,” said Southwest Strategies President Chris Wahl. “As a result, we developed a new program to address this need.”

The effort involved bringing together technology experts from the Southwest Strategies staff and external IT partners to form a specialized “tech team” which could be available to meet with clients and show them the ins and outs of using an iPad. This team takes care of all set-up of the program, including coordinating the purchase of the devices, setting up accounts for each user, recommending relevant iPad applications (or apps) and creating a one-stop service to purchase those apps.

Southwest Strategies also developed a set of core principles for the iPad Integration program to ensure that it helps clients meet their public affairs objectives.

“Our service helps clients accomplish four key goals,” said Wahl. “First, it allows multiple people traveling around the region to interface in real time using the latest technology. Second, it creates a central database of crucial information that employees can access at all times. Third, team members can update and correct information immediately. Finally, it provides key stakeholders with constant contact throughout the course of a project.”

The program has already been implemented successfully with existing clients and Southwest Strategies welcomes new clients who see a need for this service within their own projects.

“Technology is moving faster every day,” said Wahl. “We are happy to provide a road map to clients who want to keep up with it.”

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