San Diego Metropolitan’s November Cover Article

Nov 1, 2009

San Diego Metropolitan Cover Article – November 2009

San Diego Metropolitan Magazine recognizes the San Diego Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America as it commemorates its 50th anniversary. Over the last half century, San Diego has largely benefited from the efforts contributed from the public relations industry and continues to make significant progress on many levels.


President of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) San Diego Chapter, Chris Wahl, remarks on how public policy matters are affected by multiple public industries. Wahl has not only put an extensive amount of work into PRSA, but has been able to bring great insight into his company, Southwest Strategies. He explains, “It comes down to the same formula, working with government and constituencies to identify solutions to complex policy issues.” Wahl and partner Alan Ziegaus bring a great amount of knowledge to the company and experience in the realm of public relations and public affairs, where the innovative and collaborative works of both contribute to a successful business. They believe that they are “very fortunate in having smart, sophisticated clients that collaborate with you, consider your advice and treat you as an equal.”

After all, “Today, what you do speaks louder than what you say,” according to Glenn Broom, retired professor emeritus at San Diego State University in Journalism and Media studies. What has and is being done throughout San Diego is nothing short of remarkable as the city continues to grow and prosper as America’s Finest City.

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